Dog recreation group

Are you looking for a dog recreation group to which you can come more or less regularly and where fun for you and your dog is in the main objective? Then give it a try.

What is it about? One could say a combination of dog gymnastics and formalism and distance work.

The goal is to let the dog pass through a course with jump, platform, seesaw, tunnel, etc. and to steer the dog from a distance and to ask for a sit or down in between some of the obstacles.

One obstacle after the other is built into the chain and individually adapted to the respective dog and learning progress. I’ll pick you up where you stand.

This form of recreation promotes your dog’s ability to concentrate, because only paying close attention leads to success.


Suitable for all kind of dogs, young, old, big or small

At least 2 but not more than 4 participants


See training schedule


We meet in Gerhardshofen-Göttelhöf, Ortsstraße 19


You can book group training sessions online.

Please contact me per contact form or call me +49 151 573 677 04 to get the registration link or in case of further questions.