Dog recreation group

In this group with not more than 4 dog-owner-teams you will experience a mixture of the different kinds of dog recreation, such as:

  • Retrieve training
  • Fun training using equipment such as seesaw, obstacle and tunnel etc.
  • Scent discrimination
  • Formalism and distance training, i.e. Sit, down, heel perfected and at a distance
  • Trailing
  • Tricks

This group is suitable for everyone who would like

  • to have fun with their dogs on a more or less regular basis,
  • to try out diferent things to find my dogs favourite recreation


Suitable for all kind of dogs, young, old, big or small

At least 2 but not more than 4 dogs


See training schedule


We meet in Gerhardshofen-Göttelhöf, Ortsstraße 19


You can book group training sessions online.

Please contact me per contact form or call me +49 151 573 677 04 to get the registration link or in case of further questions.