Dog encounter training

Your dog walks neatly on a leash in many situations but it difficult for you to pass other dogs? Then the encounter training for the area of Erlangen, Nuremberg, Höchststadt and Neustadt / Aisch might be something for you.

This training is done in cooperation with Nina Hundeschule Folge mir. We try to simulate real life and therefore avoid the dogs seeing each other and us beforehand. You will receive a starting place and we usually do not walk with you, but observe from a hiding place.

This training is available in 2 levels of difficulty:

  • Beginner: in an area where there is not so much going on, so the dog will most likely be able only to deal with one distraction and usually no strange dogs or other distractions will be around.
  • Advanced: in a place where other dogs are and other distractions such as bicycles, joggers are to be expected.

A maximum of 6 participants can register for this training and 3 places are blocked for Ninas participants. If the training is already fully booked it is advisable to book yourself on the waiting list, because a few days in advance, places are released for which Nina has not found any participants.


  • A one-to-one session to get to know each other. I will give you a few tasks to see how well your dog orients itself to you or whether other training steps should be taken beforehand or
  • During my group training, where the dogs see each other before the exercises, you are able to walk past other dogs in orientation. Of course, you can always ask me if the training is suitable for you.

Training Dates 2024

How can I register for doc encounter training?

You already have a 5 or 10 session card? Here you can book a session.

Please contact me via contact form or call me +49 151 57 367 704 if you would to register for the one-to-one session or in case of furhter questions.

In general, it is possible to register by email or phone or you can benefit from the online price, register, buy a ticket and manage your appointments yourself online. You will receive the registration link for the online booking after the initial consultation or after we have agreed that the encounter training makes sense for you now.