Puppy Training

Do you want a dog ​​that you can take with you anywhere and that can behave properly? Then you are right in my puppy group for the Neustadt / Aisch, Höchstadt / Aisch, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg area.

The Puppy package contains 8 group sessions in a small group with a maximum of 4 puppies. 8 basic topics will be handeled in a rotating manner, ensuring that you will be able to experience every topic.

This includes, that the puppy learns how to behave towards people and other dogs. You will also learn how to work on your dog’s frustration tolerance so that he finds frustrating situations less bad on the long run.

You learn to encourage wanted behavior but also to interrupt unwanted behavior in order to set up rules and limits.

Further topics are calling back, how to teach you dog commands like sit, how to let you dog be of leash and to walk him on the leash.

Furthermore the package contains a scipt, that answers frequestly asked questions, f.e. toilet training, the dog in the car, crate, education issues, teaching commands, etc.

When does the puppy group take place?

See training schedule

Where does it take place?

Ortsstraße 19, Gerhardshofen or other place as agreed

How can I book puppy training?

Your puppy can join the group at the age between 8-14 weeks and can then participate in the puppy group on 8 consecutive sessions.

If you register and purchase the puppy package online, you can profit from the onlineprice. But you can of course also book the package per Email or by phone.

Please contact me per contact form or call me +49 151 573 677 04 to get the registration link or in case of further questions.