Teenage Dog Training

After puppy group you can directly continue with teenage dog training.

In my small teenage dog groups with a maximum of 4 dogs for the area Neustadt Aisch, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremeberg, the content of the puppy training will be refreshed and enhanced. Furthermore we continue to work on your dogs frustration tolerance.

Now comes the time, when dogs become more and more independent, they dare to move further away from you and have more own ideas. At the teenage dog training you will learn to answer to those changes accordingly.

We will intensively work on the leash training to achieve that your dog will pay attention to your movements and adapt itself to them. If that works with leash and with distraction we will practise it off leash. Furthermore we work on a reliable call-back.

In order to teach you the orientation on the leash, individually tailored to you and your dog, the teenage dog training contains a one-to-one lesson.

When does it the teenage dog group take place?

See training schedule. The one-to-one session will be agreed individually.

Where does it take place?

Ortsstraße 19, Gerhardshofen or other place as agreed

How can I book teenage dog training?

If you purchase a teenage dog starter package or further group sessions online and manage them via your account, you benefit from the online price. However, group sessons can also be arranged by email or phone.