Teenage Dog Training

Now comes the time, when dogs become more and more independent, they dare to move further away from you and have more own ideas. At the teenage dog training you will learn to answer to those changes accordingly.

The content of the puppy training will be refreshed and enhanced but we will also start leash training to achieve that your dog will pay attention to your movements and adapt itself to them. If that works with leash and with distraction we will practise it off leash. Furthermore we work on a reliable call-back.

Also during these sessions, the dogs will have time to play with each other. We will use the time to watch and analyse their behaviour and to discuss other theoretical questions.

Visiting the puppy training is of course not a precondition to start the teenage dog training. But to make the start for all parties easier, we will meet for one private session in advance. In order to offer an individual training, I need an overview about the dog-owner-relationship, and your dogs level of maturity and what your dog has learned so far.


A maximum of 6 teenage dogs at the age of approximately 17 weeks – 8 months.

Open Group/ Newcomers are very welcome! If you have not visted my puppy group, we will meet in a one-to-one session first.


See training schedule


Ortsstraße 19, Gerhardshofen or other place as agreed


You can book group training sessions online.

Please contact me per contact form or call me +49 151 573 677 04 to book the one-to-one session or in case of further questions.

You will get the registration link to booking group sessions after our first one-to-one session.