Shouldn’t every dog and its owner sometimes have the liberty to walk off leash?

The dog school’s offers

  • Dog behavior training
    Dog behavior training

    Your dog pulls on the leash or is agressive? He refuses to come when called? He chases jogger or biker? He can’t stay alone or is afraid of everyone and everything? I offer one-to-one dog training, dog obedience groups and intensive weekend courses tailored to you and your dog.

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  • Dog training for horse riding
    Dog training for horse riding

    You want to take your dog to come along horse riding and are looking for support or you already take him and want to improve something? 
    The training will be tailored on needs and skills of the owner-horse-dog-team.

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  • Dog recreation
    Dog recreation

    Nosework, scent games, etc. – fun for dog and owner is the main objective in these classes!

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